My name is Nathan Atkins and real estate has been a life long passion of mine. The path of how I become a real estate agent had many obstacles and delays but my goal has been reached.

As a young man out of school the Army caught my attention for several years, starting in 1986. My Army years of experiences took me around the world with keeping an eye on international real estate.

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Upon completing my Army services my life headed into the corporate technology world where negotiating wholesale service contracts for a telecommunication network was a daily experience. During this time, simultaneously acquiring an MBA, I was moved into sales management overseeing organizations compounding sales to more than $100M in revenue

Always keeping an eye on real estate, in my spare time, a partnership was formed with a friend. This partnership we used his General Contractor skills and my real estate skills creating a business. The business would acquire homes in need of repairs, revitalize the property and then rent the finished homes for short and long term profit. Each house project seemed to excite me more with the world of real estate.

My family moved to Las Vegas in April of 1994 and the real estate market in this 24/7 town truly fascinated me. Year after year, visiting my family in Las Vegas, the real estate market continued to develop my passion. I found myself watching and participating with various real estate transactions from a distance as my main residence continued in Chicago.

1994 Las Vegas
Nathan Atkins moves Chicago to Las Vegas 2013

In 2013, a way to be closer to the Las Vegas real estate action presented itself and I moved from Chicago to Las Vegas. The purpose of the move was designed to be a business opportunity with a franchise. Upon settling into Las Vegas my desire soon overtook the business franchise opportunity and I sold the franchise to dedicate more time to real estate.

As I started to dedicate all my time to real estate another business direction raised up and took me on a different direction. Even though the income was great at this new business direction, it did not compare to the excitement I felt working in real estate.

I found myself spending most of my spare time helping others locate their dream home, not as a real estate agent but as a friend helping another friend. As the years passed by, the number of real estate transactions I helped others acquire and/or sell, there was always a warm feeling of accomplishment.

Reflecting back, I remember numerous properties which have made my friends and relatives excellent income from my recommendations. Even though I did not make a penny off my knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market in those years, it just felt good to be active. Understanding the real estate market changes and providing accurate real estate information about the Las Vegas area is always a great feeling of satisfaction.

Today I have found it is possible to have my cake and eat it also. As a proud member of the Las Vegas community I serve as a Rotarian whose motto is Service above Self. As a past Rotary Club president, now the head of my Rotary Club’s Foundation, I donate a percentage of my commission to our club’s service project EHIV (End Hunger in Vegas). Our Las Vegas WON Rotary Club works in conjunction with our local food bank Three Square to supply The Salvation Army’s food pantry. For more info on this extremely great project of feeding the less fortunate, go to

Nathan Atkins Member Las Vegas WON Rotary Club, owner of

As a fully licensed real estate agent, my life truly seems fulfilled. The drive to find the perfect property for those who I work for is my goal. My specialities are individual homes and condos located throughout the Las Vegas area. My knowledge of commercial properties, vacant land and many other real estate projects is also very good. Looking back over my more than two decades of Las Vegas real estate experiences, I have built a network of other real estate experts and mortgage experts for all types of projects. I utilize their skills to always obtain the most current information about all types of real estate, buying and/or selling.